The Issues

Ragin Edwards for Congress

I am a  graduate of Pope High School in Marietta, and was a recipient of the Hope Scholarship. I returned to East Cobb to raise my daughters in the same environment I was able to thrive in as a youth. 
Common Sense Gun Reform
There is a common misconception that Gun Reform means abolishing the 2nd Amendment. This is NOT true. I want to make sure that people who purchase firearms do not have mental health issues. Unfortunately modern times are very different than when I grew up in the 80's. We have to change with the times. Most importantly, our children deserve to be protected!
People with Mental Health issues should not be able to purchase firearms. Last session, our rep voted against this logical measure. 
Protecting  the promise of a quality education for our children is extremely important. If we want our children to inherit a better world we must ensure that their education is protected at the state level. Unfortunately, America is ranked #24, #25, and #27 in Reading, Science and Math worldwide. We must offer our children a better education to be truly competitive in this digital age.
Georgia is ranked #21 in the United States for education. We have risen in rank over the past few decades, but we are still too far away from #1
Growing the Middle Class
Tax legislation that favors the middle class is something I will fight for while in office. We cannot spend frivilously or vote for laws that will adversely impact HD 37. Legislation favorable to home owners is another area where we will be able to ensure that the 37th District continues to thrive, and becomes even better!
The middle-class is the heart of America. We must protect the middle class and pass legislature that encourages growth.
My experience includes working with global technology driven services companies in the financial sector, healthcare, and meteorology. I am currently  an active member of TAG, Women in Technology and other  technology focused groups. I have always had a deep interest in this area and I will be able to bring a functional knowledge to GA legislature to ensure that Georgia continues to be a pioneer in technology,.
Georgia has now become known as the "Silicon Peach". Tech companies, startups and even fortune 500 companies continue to make their home in the Metro Atlanta area.
Racial and Gender Equality
Protecting the rights of women, LGBT,  and minorities is necessary and advantageous for all Americans. In 2016 Georgia was #1 in the nation for growth of women owned businesses. Georgia is #2 if the United States for African American  owned businesses. This is not by coincidence. To increase the wealth of our state, we must make sure legislation effecting these groups is beneficial, not detrimental to their success.
Women, LGBT, and minorities deserve a fair wage, and deserve equal treatment under the law. 
Healthcare reform is one of the most talked about issues in American politics today. We must make sure that Healthcare becomes affordable for all Georgians. Georgians should not die because they cannot afford treatment, or because they have a pre-existing condition.
Medical bills are the #1 reason why Americans are in debt today. We must work to make Healthcare affordable for all Americans.
For too long the American people have been encouraged to blindly follow elected officials and align their personal beliefs with the views of their elected officials. This must stop! We live in a Representative Democracy, our elected officials are employed by the American people. Georgia Legislature must start listening to their constituents rather than telling them how they should feel. I will use existing technological platforms to make sure all residents of HD 37 can weigh in on legislation through secured online surveys.
Listening to my Constituents
I will create additional platforms to make it easier for my constituents to tell me how they feel about new  legislation and issues.