Why Ragin?

Ragin Edwards for Congress

Truth and Transparency in government is needed NOW! We cannot blindly follow candidates on either side of the aisle, and it is time to hold all members of legislature accountable for their public and private acts.  I am running for my friends and neighbors, I am the voice for the unheard.

Georgia is my beloved home and I only want the best for my fellow Georgians. Times have changed, but the heart of the 6th district will always remain. 

Open Letter from Ragin


My name is Ragin Bullard Edwards, and I am running for U. S. Congress in Georgia’s 6th District.  This seat was formerly held by Tom Price, who was chosen by Donald Trump to head our country’s healthcare system.

Recently, there has been a strong and clear request from Americans asking young people to do something about the complex issues that currently plague Washington. These issues are a direct threat to American citizens and our reputation in the world. I have received their “Clarion Call,” and I will answer it with zeal, great resolve and integrity!

I currently reside in Georgia’s 6th District, and I graduated from Pope High School here in the district.  After receiving the Hope Scholarship I attended Georgia Tech. I then moved to Washington, DC, where I attended The Christian Business School, Nyack College, and studied Organizational Leadership.  

While residing in DC, I had the opportunity to work in federal and local government including in the office of Presidential Appointee, Philip Mangano, followed by an assignment under the lawyers in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Energy.  I was also a social worker working directly with citizens who applied for the Energy and Renters Assistance Programs in Montgomery County, MD. Currently, I work for a global technology-based services firm as the Senior Manager of Global Sales Operations reporting directly to the CEO and CFO.  

Historically my family has fought for education, civil and human rights, and for those who have no voice. My cousin, Eugene Jacques Bullard, is featured in the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum. He was the first black fighter pilot in the world, and he flew for France in WW1. In that era, people of color were not accepted or appreciated by the U.S.A., but nonetheless, his desire to defeat the axis powers compelled him to go to a distant land and help those who were in need. The same fire exists in me today, and has compelled me to seek this seat in the Georgia House of Representatives.

My grandmother was a minister in Rochester, NY, where she fed the homeless and started a nonprofit for women who were victims of sex trafficking. Serving the people and fighting for justice and equality is in my DNA. In addition, I also look to the role models like Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, and Michelle Obama as well as Susan B. Anthony, who are of strong character and conviction.

Yes, my role models are great, and diverse, but I am focused and unyielding in my crusade for the issues that concern us all:  ensuring access to Affordable Healthcare for all Americans; protecting Veteran’s Benefits; growing and sustaining the Middle and Upper-Middle Class; protecting Women’s Rights; Equal Protection for minorities; and LGBT communities; access to quality and affordable Education; and protecting our Environment. Listening to my constituents and earnestly acting on the people’s voice is paramount, for this is the lifeblood of protecting the heart of America!

Surprisingly, out of the 14-elected officials in Congress from the State of Georgia, there is neither one Woman to represent the female perspective nor any elected officials that represent a deeper knowledge and functional understanding of the technological landscape and era that we currently live in.  My ultimate goal is to restore truth and transparency to our Federal Legislature through innovative technological platforms. I am the voice that women and men of District 6 deserve!

I will lead with veracity, and intelligence coupled with transparency and compassion.  I am ready and able to effectively represent the hard-working, charitable, and persevering constituents of Georgia’s 6th District.

Together, let’s bring the best of Georgia to Washington!
God bless,
Ragin Edwards

Groups and Memberships

  • Georgia Tech Alumni Association
  • ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
  • Technology Association of Georgia
  • Women in Technology
  • Sales Management Association - Georgia Chapter
  • Metro Chamber (former member)​​